6 Tourists You'll Encounter on Grace Bay Beach

Gasping from laughter or green with envy, you won't be able to take your eyes off these vacationers!

Grace Bay Beach

As beautiful as Grace Bay Beach on Providenciales is, there are certain tourists who will catch your eye... Whether they evoke laughter or envy, these tourists are sure to entertain.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Feature image taken by Annika Seffer.

The Pale One

This tourist has to apply at least two coats of SPF 80 sunscreen before stepping out of the shade. They're probably also wearing sunglasses, a bucket hat, a sun shirt and knee-length board shorts. If they skip out on the sun protection, this tourist shows up to Sandbar looking like a bottle of grenadine, whereas they usually look like a bottle of milk. By the time they fly back home they've shed more skin than a moulting iguana.

The Crispy One

This tourist is the opposite of The Pale One. They slather themselves in tanning oil like a piece of breaded chicken ready to be deep fried. They thrive when their skin is dark, but the older version of this tourist sometimes ends up looking leathery, like a loafer left out on the front porch too long. This tourist loves to snap pics of their tan lines to post on Instagram, making sure the online world knows they're on vacation living their best life.

The Jogger

I won't lie, I kind of hate this tourist because they just seem to have their life together. They're running on sweltering hot soft sand while on vacation. I don't even like running on the treadmill in my air conditioned gym during a normal week. This tourist is fit and determined. While we're all scoffing down conch fritters and french fries, this tourist made sure to pack their self-discipline (and running shoes) in their luggage before flying down. Oh, and let's not forget, they typically wear as little clothing as possible to make sure we all see their rippling toned muscles. We get it, you're better than us! (Please teach me your ways.)

The Happy Family

Ah, the sweet relaxation of a family vacation... Just kidding. We all know family vacations are torture with a nice backdrop. Mom is trying her best to slather the squirming kids in sunscreen (hoping they won't turn out red and peeling like The Pale One), while Dad is fighting to set up the umbrella, towels and cooler with the wind raging against him. Big brother throws sand in little sister's eye. They both cry. We feel for you, Mom and Dad, we know you're crying on the inside, too. When the kids beg for a smoothie, just let in and treat yourself to a daiquiri with a giant rum floater. Drunk parenting is regular parenting here!

The Poser

This tourist hit Grace Bay Beach for one reason and one reason only: to strike a pose. Whether it's a Victoria's Secret model or an Instagram "model," there is no shortage of posers on the best beach in the world. And who can blame them? Is there a more perfect background for social media photos? To make your pics even cuter, try grabbing a puppy from Potcake Place to play with for a day! A sweet potcake pup is sure to get you 25% more likes!

The Drunk One

This tourist LOVES day drinking (and so do we!). Daiquiris, piña coladas, mojitos, Miami vices... you name it, this tourist has slurped down at least seven. Just make sure to keep an eye on this tourist, because you don't want them to fall off a dock or end up with a mouthful of sand. This tourist lives by the motto "happy and carefree," and they live to let loose while on vacation. Keep it up, but make sure to tip your bartender!

Written By

Annika Seffer

Annika was born in the Bahamas but grew up in Turks and Caicos from the age of 1. She is currently studying journalism at the University of Florida.