You Can Now Adopt A Coral In Turks & Caicos For Only $50

By The Turks & Caicos Reef Fund

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The Turks & Caicos Reef Fund are doing their part to keep Turks & Caicos 'Beautiful By Nature', but they need your help. They're raising money to keep our local coral reefs healthy and a little donation goes a long way for this none profit organisation.

What happens when you Adopt A Coral? Your generous $50 donation helps cover the costs associated with growing a coral fragment in their nursery as well as planting it on the reef. These fragments of wild coral are sorted into genomic types and strung from bamboo and rope ladders, which are anchored to the seabed and buoyed with a float.

With your $50 donation, you will receive a Certificate of Adoption with your coral fragment’s ID number and a photo on it. Plus, you can always email the organisation to find out how your coral is doing and whether it has had any “offspring” or been out-planted onto a reef area!

They currently have 237 Staghorn corals and 72 Elkhorn corals in the nursery. Outplanting of these will begin this Summer.

They're a total of 10 nursery trees with coral fragments growing on them - 6 off the coast of Provo and 4 off the coast of Grand Turk. Staghorn corals are re-fragmented or out planted after about 6 months. Elkhorn corals are re-fragmented or out planted after about 9 months.

An actual coral fragment 'family tree' showing how just one small fragment grows to 15 over a short time. Lovin TCI and the Reef Fund appreciate your contribution to this cause that means so much to us, the people of Turks & Caicos, the millions of tourists and mostly our beautiful & fragile marine ecosystem.


More information about Turks & Caicos Reef Fund : Founded in 2010, the Turks & Caicos Reef Fund is an all volunteer run non-profit with the mission to help preserve and protect the environment. of the Turks & Caicos Islands through education, research and advocacy.

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