21 Reasons Why You Should Never Consider Owning A Potcake

Seriously, look at them... horrible

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Potcakes are one of the more popular choices for local pets in Turks & Caicos and they've become increasingly popular overseas with some videos featuring them being seen over 50 million times.

The good people of Potcake Place, Pampered Paws, TCSPCA and Snip have also helped countless rescues find happy homes overseas which now means Potcakes are pretty much TCI's #1 export.

We've been looking at them, though, and really have no idea just why they are so popular.

We thought we'd gather up some pictures to show why you should never consider getting one of them as a pet...

1. Their ears are wonky and don't even work

2. They'll never look at you longingly

3. They'll never smile at you

4. They are even worse when you get a group of them

5. They aren't pretty or regal looking at all

6. They won't get on with family members

7. The puppies are the worst

8. They are always getting into trouble

9. They'll never even want a hug

10. They will never miss you or wait for you when you are gone

11.They are big scary dogs at all times

12. The tan ones are even worse. Not pretty at all

13. Don't even consider bringing them to work

14. Seriously, look at them, horrible

15. They'll never put a smile on your face

16. They'll never want to go outdoors and have fun with you

17. The fluffy ones are even worse. Not cute in the slightest

18. They don't even photograph well

19. They aren't loyal at all

20. They aren't cute at all when you dress them up

21. They just aren't cute at all. Don't even consider a Potcake

Written By

Drew Scrymgeour

Outside of writing for Lovin TCI, you'll find Drew walking his dogs, driving a Jeep and probably using his phone a little too much.