This Potcake Place Video Has Racked Up Over 5 Million Views On Social Media

Hope we have enough puppies to go around this year

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The Turks & Caicos has become known for a few things in recent years, our beaches are certainly up there, Jojo has got to be on the list but our it's our local Potcakes have earned a special place in visitors hearts and the internet has taken notice.

We've seen videos going around from the likes of CNN and THRILLIST but this one from David Wolf (the Avocado chap) has been clocking up some serious views thanks to all the shares on social media.

Taking out a Potcake puppy for the day has become a must for many visitors to the island as part of their TCI bucket list, I mean who doesn't want to play with one of these cute little guys on the world's best beach.

With almost 90k shares and 5million views to date, the popularity overseas is likely to only ever grow and we just hope there are enough little pups to go around in the future.

For now it looks like there's still a steady flow of puppies which are in need of a good home so if you're looking to adopt you know where to go.