How Did Turks & Caicos Win The Go-Pro Million Dollar Challenge?

A behind the scenes look by one of the film makers

If you're a fan of Lovin Turks & Caicos, or been looking online for some awesome footage of the islands, then you've probably seen that our very own Wake 2 Wake were recently featured in the Go Pro Million Dollar challenge.

This is a pretty big deal.

One of the film makers who was part of the project, Chris Rogers recently posted this video showing us what went into the win, and contrary to popular belief it wasn't easy.

The video gives a glimpse into what equipment, finances and commitment went into the epic shots and some behind the scenes footage which didn't make the final cut.

If you're an aspiring film maker, or just a fan of the Turks & Caicos then it's worth a watch.

The winning video has had millions of views and brought international acclaim to our tiny island nation.

Here's some more of our favourite shots from their trip to Turks & Caicos

And big congrats again on the win guys, that back flip off by Mark off the top of Long Bay's ship wreck is F*ing amazing!

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Drew Scrymgeour

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