If You're In Search Of The Island's Best Burger We May Have Just Found It In Grace Bay

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Provo is packed full of wonderful restaurants, bars and cafes. For the most part people who visit enjoy food in all shapes and sizes but every now and again you just crave a good burger and inevitably the next question is WHERE?

The sort of burger that you don't mind driving from Chalk Sound to Leeward for, you know what I mean?

Hundreds of people will eat a burger every single day in the TCI but for most just settle for whatever their resort has and they make do.

But if you're in the mood for something a little more than your average burger (and some veggie options) then Big Al's is defo worth checking out.

Also, you don't need to book or plan ahead just pop in and grab a seat.


Big Als Burger

If you're anything like me, you'll appreciate a welcomed break from the heat over lunch which makes this local spot a great choice as they have air conditioning. Most of you visiting the islands might prefer to dine al fresco, but if you live and work in TCI year round that A/C becomes an important part of deciding where to eat.

Walking in to the A/C like

Easy to spot in Grace Bay's Salt Mills Plaza​​

They also do milk shakes, the local beers, a decent selection of imports and cocktails which are a sure fire way to combat the scorching island sun. I'd suggest a tall strawberry shake with a classic cheeseburger n fries (don't knock it till you tried it).

You might prefer a straight up regular Cheeseburger but for the more adventurous diners out there, they have some monsters on the menu.

They call this one the Tamahawk!

Mmmmmm.. buuuuurger....

And it's not just burgers on the menu

Big Als Salad

Big Al's doesn't just do burgers, they also offer bike rentals and have loads of great island merch next door in the Salt Mills Plaza. That means you and your crew can grab an early lunch and then explore a bit of the island on two wheels to burn it off leaving you guilt free. Extra bacon? sure why not.

One of their biggest claim's to fame is the Big Al's Slider Challenge which gives customers 30 minutes to finish 12 Sliders, 20 onion rings and 1 Large Milkshake. If you manage to finish everything in time you'll be rewarded with your name on the wall along with a T Shirt to mark the occasion.

Remember, the clock is ticking!

Many have given it a go but only a handful can call themselves victorious so make sure you bring your appetite if you want to get your name on the wall.

Just look at all those sliders

Your friends will make you BELIEVE

Spoiler alert: They failed.

These guys only managed 11 sliders, half the onions rings and a delicious Milkshake. Not a bad attempt, but you're gonna need to put a bit more away if you want to walk away a legend.

The the victors go the spoils!

If you want to make reservations or order take away, you can see their local listing with us right here in our new Turks & Caicos restaurant guide.