6 Super Easy Meals To Make For Dinner Tonight If You're Trying To Save Money

So simple but so tasty

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It's just past mid-March, and that Beyonce style spending has hit your wallet hard - you need to watch your cash. We know the feeling.

But never fear! You can still whip up some tasty dinners on a budget – and we're going to show you how.

Take a notebook out, because you're going to want to remember these...

1. Chickpea burgers

Super cheap, super tasty and super quick to put together.

Full recipe here.

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2. Loaded baked potatoes

All you need is a potato and something to put on top. Filling, tasty, wholesome.

Full recipe here.

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3. Smoky bacon and tomato spaghetti

Rashers, onion, tomato and pasta. And, if you make it for more than one person, it's less than a few bucks each. Sorted.

Full recipe here.

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4. Fish in lemon and butter sauce

Nutritious, delicious and a simple recipe to wow your friends.

Full recipe here.


5. Egg-fried rice

This recipe is super handy because you can use up all the old vegetables in your fridge, and all you really need is a bag of rice and eggs.

Full recipe here.

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6. Shakshuka

This Middle Eastern egg dish is as perfect for breakfast as it is dinner, and it's a handy way to use up the last of your eggs, without resorting to scrambled for the tenth time this month.

Full recipe here.


Eating cheap can still mean eating tasty <3