Here’s Where You Can Watch The Game Of Thrones Season 8 Premiere

Game Of Thrones S82

Game of Thrones is finally returning to our screens for season 8 after what feels like a never-ending wait.

The final season premieres over tonight and thankfully viewers in Turks & Caicos won’t be kept waiting around to catch up.

The first episode is being broadcast on HBO Channel 451 (with Digicel) so you want to watch it live with everyone else, hope you have sorted out your $15 monthly subscription by now.

Or, if you'd like to watch it with a crowd, the Shore Club are hosting a viewing party tonight from 7pm for $50 a head. If you don't have HBO it's probably the best option other than waiting around to try and get a pirate copy later. I mean really, where's the fun in that.

Bambarra have even created some special recipes to mark the occasion, so if you REALLY want to get in the GOT spirit, why not try a Tyrian.

To get you in the mood for the big premiere, why not watch the trailer again here:

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