Top 5 Reasons To Cruise With The Top Down On Provo

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So, you've finally landed after escaping the cold back home and are looking forward to a week of well earned RnR. Stepping off the plane at PLS airport is something special for those who know it, and unforgettable if it's your first time. The air is humid, its HOT, and there's a sweet smell of salt from the not so distant coast line.

You breeze through customs, pick up your bags and you're out into the bright sun (hope you remembered your sunglasses) to get your rental car.

Ok, now you've dealt with the paperwork, packed the luggage, got the family in and are about to head to the resort but something isn't quite right. You've spend ages cooped up on a plane, trudging through airports just to get to Turks & Caicos, and that's when it hits you.

You should have rented a convertible.

Now there's plenty of reasons why driving with the top down is the best way to get around TCI, but here are the top 5 reasons why.

1. The smell of the ocean

There's nothing like a lazy drive down to Da Conch Shack along the water in Blue Hills. All that fresh air is guaranteed to work up you appetite.

2. Working on your tan

With the top down you get a chance to even out that annoying left arm which is perpetually slightly more tanned that the right one from all those hours of highway miles.

3. Checking out the crowd in Grace Bay

Big Will and Jazzy Jeff had the right idea in 91 driving "Two miles an hour, so everybody sees you". Well, maybe 20 is more reasonable when cruising past Danny Buoys.

4. Gives your hair that “fresh from the beach” look

Who needs all that product when a 5 minute drive to the shops give you all the volume in the world.

5. You can see EVERYTHING

Who wants to be cooped up in a metal box when there's a whole world to see out there. Even if it's just a quick trip to the supermarket, it feels like so much more of an experience with the top down

I mean look how much fun these Mokes look!

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Drew Scrymgeour

Outside of writing for Lovin TCI, you'll find Drew walking his dogs, driving a Jeep and probably using his phone a little too much.