Summer Is Coming, And We've Found The Perfect Place to Celebrate The Season

Never was there a name more appropriate than Sunset Beach Villas — and you'll soon see why

Second Chances

Just a short walk from the soft sands of Sunset Beach in the community of Leeward (the eastern end of Grace Bay Beach) is a quiet and private community known as Sunset Beach Villas: Sixteen chic and contemporary island-style villas, each with their own unique style and character, but all sharing a feel of comfort and peace. And sunset views that will surely make you forget all your stresses.

Turnstone 3

If you're looking for an island retreat in the summer, five of the sixteen villas are available for rentals. And while they're available yearround, right now they're offering a up to 30% Discount on Summer Vacation Rentals! Bonus: The deal is good all the way through to November 1st. So let's meet the fleet, shall we?

There's Aqueous Villa

3 bed, 3.5 bath

Aqueous 2

Edge Of Paradise

3 bed, 3 bath

Edge Of Paradise
Edge Of Paradise 2

Turnstone House

3 bed, 3 bath

Turnstone 2

Second Chances

5 bed, 6 bath

Second Chances
Second Chances 2

And finally, Grace Haven

3 bed, 3 bath

Grace Haven
Grace Haven 2

While varying in size and layout, each villa features that desirable blend of indoor and outdoor living that allows you to make the most of the sea breeze and soothing views all around. Private courtyard space at each villa entrance: You got it. A vast outdoor living space with wooden decks, lush landscaping and an inviting pool: Yes, yes and yes. Feel like showering outside in the fresh island air? No problem, there's an outdoor shower with every villa.

The only thing better than spending a week or two at one of the jewels of Sunset Beach Villas? Owning one, of course. And here's where the good news gets better: You can, indeed, have a villa to call your own at Sunset Beach. And you have a say in the look of the place, with the option of three different modern designs by the architects Simon Wood Associates.

As if owning an exquisite villa by the best beach in the world isn't enough, you can forget about the usual worries that come with home ownership since Sunset Beach Villa provides on-site property management.


Edge Of Paradise 3

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