Budgeting In The TCI: Things You Can Do For Free

Saving that $$$

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For a place that’s home to endless superlatives, from the world’s best beach to world-class dive sites, the most dramatic wall dives to the best kiteboarding conditions on the planet, it’s hard to fit the word ‘free’ into the superlative-sized hole. BUT, what has secured the TCI as a luxury bucket list destination for so many years, which draws in thousands of visitors pursuing their palm-swaying paradise ideal, is nature. And this, this my friends, comes for free.

Natural processes such as lunar cycles, tidal patterns, seasonal climate and wind patterns are hugely influential on the quintessential island lifestyle, and dictate a range of great things to do at certain times, which cost nothing at all.


Swimming in the warm waters of Grace Bay Beach is a practical way to keep fit and cool in the sun. Whether you live here or staying in a hotel, villa or guesthouse, you will likely already have access to some watersports weaponry that you can use for free. Depending on accommodation this can range from free and unlimited use of Hobie Cat sailboats and kayaks to paddleboards, beach chairs and inflatables. If you’re here a few days after the monthly full moon, you should be able to spot glow-worms from the shoreline around 15 minutes after sunset. This natural phenomenon illuminates the water surface with green flashes of light as part of their bioluminescent mating ritual and has become a firm favourite as an island activity among residents. Click here to view the full moon calendar.


For the shell enthusiasts there’s ample opportunity to beachcomb here. Given you already own a snorkel and mask, a flourishing coral reef lies just five metres offshore at Coral Gardens, in front of Somewhere Café. The reef is brimming with sea life including turtles, an array of reef fish and coral formations. Take advantage while you can at this spot, sights elsewhere could easily require a boat day and cost 200 bucks upwards, easily. This is also a stellar spot to watch the sunset from and when night falls, Somewhere Cafe often has live music playing that you can enjoy from the beach. Want to know what’s playing when? Click here for the live music schedule.

Ian Stars


There’s some incredible stargazing to be had here at night, with the TCI’s unpolluted air and isolated location providing excellent conditions to sit back and stargaze. Meteor showers occur on a regular basis, so keep an eye out for upcoming showers online. Click here for more information.

Should you find yourself strapped for cash or just need a break from flashing it, every stretch of beach surrounding Providenciales is public, with ivory coastline meeting warm and shallow water meaning you don’t have to venture far to find things to do for free.

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