This Taylor Bay Hideaway Lets You Get Away From It All In Style

Water all around, and endless sunbathing spots

Tehvilla Vieux Caribe 80

First impressions: They're everything. So when you first lay eyes on the native stone walls of Villa Vieux Caribe, framed by fireworks of color from bougainvillea blooms as you wind your way up the driveway, you already know you're in for something good.

Thevilla Vieux Caribe 2
Thevilla Vieux Caribe 4

Hugging the shoreline of Taylor Bay, Vieux Caribe's style can best be described as the point where elegant and eclectic meet. Inside the villa are seven bedrooms surrounded by open and airy living spaces. And you might catch yourself holding your breath before you walk into each room, because the attention to detail—from accent walls to statement pieces of furniture—is one of Vieux Caribe's most alluring features.

Like this rustic and ornate headboard

Bedroom2 Vieux Caribe 26

Eye-catching gallery walls

Thevilla Vieux Caribe 6
Commonareas Vieux Caribe 47

That bookshelf...

Bedroom3 Vieux Caribe 40

And that funky splash of color, hello!

Bedroom4 Vieux Caribe 30

The eight bathrooms are spacious and sleek (yes, eight)

Bedroom2 Vieux Caribe 35
Bedroom3 Vieux Caribe 44

But for all the time you'll spend ooh-ing and ahh-ing about Vieux Caribe's interior, you'll only have scratched the surface of this home. Because something special awaits you outside. There, you'll find the villa's most treasured spaces. Beyond the back doors—that's where the magic happens.

Hello, gorgeous

Pool Vieux Caribe 22
Bedroom2 Vieux Caribe 37
Thepool Vieux Caribe 57
Thevilla Vieux Caribe 66
Thevilla Vieux Caribe 82
Thevilla Vieux Caribe 95

Hope you like sunbathing, swimming and the smell of fresh ocean air. Because that's what this backyard is all about. Really, what more could you ask for in an oceanfront home that looks out to one of the most picturesque beaches on Providenciales? And hey, while you're planning your getaway, you may as well get the whole family and some friends involved. We've saved a seat for everybody.

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