This Chalk Sound Villa Offers Not One, Not Two, But Three Levels of Striking Sea Views

...and 330 feet of beachfront, and a swimming platform, and gorgeous tropical gardens...

Hibiscus Villa 12

There's something special about the shallow, electric-blue waters that make up Chalk Sound. Anyone who's ever spent time on the beach at this unique islet-dotted lagoon on the south side of Providenciales can attest to that. That pristine natural beauty is only multiplied when you can enjoy boundless views of Chalk Sound from two different levels in an oceanfront home with wraparound decks. Oh, and let's throw in a third level that looks out to the picturesque sheltered cove of Sapodilla Bay on the opposite side. Enter: Hibiscus Villa.

Hibiscus Villa 2

Hibiscus Villa is the kind of place that makes you feel right at home with its warm and inviting Caribbean vibe. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom home covers 4,117 sq. feet of bright and tropically colorful living space.

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But as appealing as the home itself is, anyone who makes this villa their home will surely want to spend most of their time outdoors. Because, well...

This would be your backyard

Hibiscus Villa 3
Hibiscus Villa 4
Hibiscus Villa 5

Beyond the two levels of wraparound deck with views of the water, Hibiscus Villa boasts 330 feet of beachfront and ironshore. You can soak up the beauty of Chalk Sound from the swimming platform or stone observation deck—or just jump in and enjoy the sunshine while you float lazily in the sound. And the only sounds to be heard? The rippling waves washing against the shore. If there was only one thing Chalk Sound could be known for, it would without a doubt be its absolute peacefulness.

Hibiscus Villa 6

Back on land, there's beauty to behold in the tropical greenery that thrives throughout the property. A limestone pathway winds through the gardens, where you can stroll as you admire brightly colored bougainvillea, fruit-bearing pomegranate trees, shady gumbo limbos and the bold-yet-delicate flowers for which this villa is named: Hibiscus.

Hibiscus Villa 13

All of Hibiscus Villa's furnishings and decor come with the home. Bonus: The villa also comes with a 2007 Toyota Sienna and a 14-foot rigid inflatable boat with a 20HP outboard motor—just a few cherries atop this delicious cake.

And we do mean delicious.

Hibiscus Villa 14

Well? What's your next step? Get to Chalk Sound — STAT!

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