​Profile Feature: Chrystallize Photography


Chrystel Loyer-Kendrew’s philosophy behind Chrystallize Photography comes from a desire to tell authentic stories and to capture the small details through her intimate style of work. Her connection with Providenciale’s lush foliage and aquamarine waters informs much of her nature photography; true to style, Chrystel gets up close with her beloved 50mm lens to capture the intricate patterns and textures in nature. Her artistic vision for these beautiful patterns have produced wonderful fine art prints on wood and aluminium for private villas in the Turks and Caicos as well as visitors alike.

Her portraiture work is based on forging a relationship with her subjects, this is integral to Chrystel’s creative process. Shooting with smaller groups has allowed her to understanding her clients and share a more rewarding experience, “it’s about capturing an authentic moment. The way a person would normally do something, they need to be themselves. I get to know the person on the other side of the lens, so we are both relaxed and able to express ourselves comfortably.”.

An early childhood experience ignited Chrystel’s love for photography, at 11 years old her parents gifted her first film camera to take on a school trip to Tunisia, “It was a small camera, the photos didn’t turn out very good but I was obsessed with it”; from thereon her journey began a life long passion for storytelling through a lens. In the early days, her travels with Club Med took her to many destinations worldwide that allowed her creativity to grow but it wasn’t until she started taking technical lessons, and later on working alongside photographers in the Turks and Caicos that she decided to immerse herself fully in photography.

In the last couple of years, Chrystel’s love of macro has taken her to food photography where she can combine her love of capturing the finer details and cooking. “It’s the same as nature photography, I am close up to see the texture of the food and I can appreciate it being a food lover! I like the staging involved, so I can plan how I want the mood to be and I also love the unpredictably of seeing how someone else handles food or prepares something, it gives me a different angle to the food and a more interesting way to shoot.”.

More recently, Chrystel’s intimate style of shooting has evolved in a more journalistic fashion. Captivated by the idea of “in-between moments”, she hopes to expand her work and document the normally unobserved details of everyday life at home such as an otherwise unnoticed look or smile between family or friends, “My photography is always evolving, I am always learning and this is never-ending process for me. I would love to live with a family for a few days and see what is going on, capture the moments that someone just misses by a second…to discover these new memories.”

Discover Chrystel’s world here www.chrystallize.com and check out some of her "blue" collection below:

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Prints are also available on wood, canvas and metal (metal shown below) upon request.

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Triptych Soft Green