10 Unfortunate Lies We Tell Ourselves Every Single Weekend

"Ah, I'll just have the one drink"

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As the week comes to an end, we begin to make plans for the weekend.

However every weekend, without fail, we manage to let ourselves down in something that we had internally promised ourselves.

And no matter how organised and focused we are approaching the weekend, we find that we're guilty of telling ourselves at least one lie every weekend.

1. "I’m going to get up early"

Despite planning to wake up early on Saturday morning to have a productive day and conquer the world, not having anything to actually get up for usually results in an extra hour (or five) of sleep.

2. "I'm going to go to the gym"

Let's be honest, this isn't specific to the weekend. However, no matter how much we convince ourselves that we're going to get up, get a good breakfast into us and head to the gym on a Saturday or Sunday morning, it very rarely happens.

3. "I'll make the most of the weekend"

Weekends are meant for getting things done, catching up with friends and spending time doing fun things, right?

We personally find ourselves wrapped up on the couch watching unlimited Netflix episodes for the 48 hours that we actually don't have to go to work.

4. "I'm going to eat healthy"

Having your meals prepped and ready for the week is all well and good until that Friday night craving kicks in and you suddenly find yourself surrounded by boxes of Sweet T's

5. "I won't go out this weekend"

This may have been slightly easier when everyone was on the 'dry January' buzz. However, now that we're back to normal, it can be hard to refuse the offer of a night on the sauce.

6. "I'm not drinking this weekend"

Easier said than done, especially in Turks & Caicos

Rum Punch anyone?

7. "I'll just have the one"

"Ah sure go on, I'll just have the one" is a phrase that bounces off the walls of TCI Bars at least once every weekend.

Someone comes out, planning to take it easy, and usually ends up the most hungover on Sunday morning.

8. "I'm going to get the place cleaned and organised"

After slugging way too many I-AIN-GA-LIEs on Saturday night, getting up and at it on Sunday morning is going to be a major struggle.

Finally, after a few moments contemplating whether or not the bedroom really needs that once over, we decide we can address the mess on Monday.

9. "I'll go to bed early on Sunday"

There's nothing worse than hearing the 7am alarm ringing on Monday morning, and waking up with big, black under eye bags isn't ideal either.

However, despite promising ourselves to hit the hay early on Sunday night, life gets in the way, and we're lucky to get asleep before 1am.

10. "I'm going to meal-prep for the week"

To anyone who actually does this - fair play.

But for the majority of us, meal-prepping in advance is something we can only dream of, and we're more likely to be found grabbing something in IGA.

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