10 Turks & Caicos Fashion Brands To Watch In 2019

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The Turks & Caicos has an entrepreneurial spirit that is just as much a part of the local culture as beach days and fish fries. There's a whole generation of designers, artists and creators who are building a body of work with local influences that is gaining notoriety far beyond the stalls of the local markets.

Here are a few brands which are pushing the boundaries of fashion and bringing something new and exciting to culture both on island and overseas.

1. Sea Sage

The Sea Sage collection can be found in most high end boutiques throughout the islands along with some exclusive collaborations with resorts. They've recently added a swimsuit range alongside scarfs and apparel, all which can be purchased directly from their website.

2. Atelyss

Their handmade beach glass jewellery has been weathered from being tumbled in the ocean giving a soft and natural look. Decades of being tossed around in the sea smooths the sharp edges of the glass and transforms it into a rounded, colorful “gem.”

3. Kico

The Kico Collection tells the unique stories of the Turks & Caicos through its hand crafted sterling silver and 14K gold plated pieces. They've created a range of bracelets, rings, necklaces, cufflinks and charms which are more than your average keepsake from your trip to the islands.

Cover image credit to Kico

4. Represent TCI

Local artist Tito has been bringing his own brand of creativity to the islands for years and is dedicated to representing Turks and Caicos all over the world. His ambition is to encourage national pride through his range of products and their newly opened store is located on industrial access drive on Provo if you'd like to check out his latest creations.

5. The Wellington Collection

Local entrepreneur Wellington Williams has expanded his signature "sand made" collection into a new partnership with local charities to raise money and awareness of their individual causes. There are 10 new bespoke designs that will soon be available on island that are the ideal way to give back to the community and support a good cause. His new store is now open in Salt mills in Grace Bay, and is worth checking out as there's loads of new designs on offer.

6. West Indie

Far more than just another boutique in Grace Bay, West Indie has their own range of apparel with its own take on island wear. Their Tricks & Chaos line is our personal favourite and if you're on island it's worth popping in to see their latest collection.

7. Konk

This lifestyle brand born in the nation's capital Grand Turk, is pretty much the official clothing brand of TCI. You've probably seen some of the local water sports crew rocking one of their hats, but they have loads of great T's and women's apparel that's now available for sale online or in the Blue Surf Shop on Provo.

8. Infinitez collection

Shopping of a new wardrobe can be a challenge on island with most of us opting to wait till we head over to the mainland to do a big shop. Still coming back through the "nothing to declare line though", you know who you are! But this local store in the Marketplace has loads of TCI swag if you'd rather shop local.

9. Okaicos

Looking for some new swimming trunks for those Sunday Fundays at the beach? Okaicos have got you covered.

10. Bradley Theodore

Ok, so BT is much more just TCI fashion. His unique work has gained critical acclaim and international notoriety, not to mention his generous donations to local charities over the years. But his latest collaboration with Puma is too good to miss off the list. We're looking forward to seeing a it on island, so if you've rocking it be sure to tag @LovinTCI as we'd love to see it.

Did we miss any of your favourite Turks & Caicos fashion brands? Let us know who int he comments section.

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