"Sushi Socks" Are The Latest Fashion Trend On The Internet and OMG We Want Some

Sushi Socks1

It's healthy, oh-so-cosmopolitan and absolutely delicious, not to mention super rich in iron, protein and a tonne of those essential vitamins our body needs - so it's really no wonder that the delicate fashion food that is sushi has been taking the world by storm as we envelop yet another sexy dish from faraway lands.

The specially prepared vinegar-rice delicacy is now readily available and its immense popularity is making it almost (dare we say it?) mainstream.

Girls night at Gansevoort? Sushi and sauvignon blanc is the way to go!

What we didn't expect to be so popular however is the new trend of 'sushi socks.'

Now before you let your imagination get carried away - these aren't foot warmers stuffed full of rice and raw fish, but rather actual wearable socks designed to look like traditional japanese sushi dishes.


Sushi Socks
Sushi Socks 1

Fancy some?

You can buy these bad boys for yourself or as a gift online via Charles Oscar and for under $5 at Wowcher here.