There's An Airbnb Management Company That Sorts Out Everything For Home Owners

Could be a game changer for property managers

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That's right Turks & Caicos there's a new management company out there which is helping owners with their Airbnb listings, and it's actually kind of genius.

Airsorted is a management company (not affiliated with Airbnb), that will do all the work for you in listing your place on Airbnb.

The service helps by optimising pricing, handles the check-in/key handover, and does the cleaning and restocking for you.

It's a global offering, which started in the UK and has expanded across Europe and to Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the Middle East, but has yet to open up in Turks & Caicos.

It basically means you can rent out your home on Airbnb without even doing anything - handy for those travelling and away for lengthy periods of time.

Check airsorted for deets, for all you property managers out there, its worth a look.

It's worth noting, that in Turks & Caicos there are hundreds Airbnb listings from $50 a night to $8000+

With so much demand for short term rentals (especially during busy the season), many residents have put their spare rooms up for rentals to earn a bit of extra cash, but be aware that you'll need a proper business licence and pay the appropriate tax on any earnings.

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