PICS: This Travelling Photographer Shows Parts Of Turks & Caicos You've Never Seen Before

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We love our drone shots of Turks & Caicos, I mean who doesn't? The amazing shades of blue, the vast stretches of beaches, the boats heading out to's the stuff dreams are made of.

But to be honest, we've started seeing the same pictures flying around the internet over the past few months and were becoming slightly tired of the scenery. The guys over at @waketowake and @bigblueunlimmited seem to be still putting out some jaw dropping pics, but the reposters have gotten a little carried away with bikinis lying on beaches.

You know who you are.

Anyway, we stumbled across @gustavosandall who, during a recent trip to Turks, captured some amazing shots of the scenery from a perspective we haven't seen in a while and felt it was worth sharing with all you Lovin TCI fans out there.

Check out this lone boat heading out to sea

Or the North Shore like you've never seen before

If you've never paddle boarded around the mangroves, you should give it try

Yep, that's Parrot Cay.

For the few that visit, it's pretty spectacular

Just imagine if this was your morning communte

Or if you could throw down a towel and ready your book here

Live life anchors up


He even managed to go down under

And get off the beaten track

Anyone know about this secret spot?

The islands look so peaceful from above

Ok, now you're just showing off

Thanks so much for sharing these shots with us and hope you manage another visit soon, next time I reckon you head over to North, Middle and South. The scenery there is just unreal.