22 Times Tourists Had An Absolute Blast At Fish Fry on Provo

Fish Fry 2

Whether you're a local resident, returning visitor or guest in the TCI for the first time you've got to give Thursday Night's Fish Fry at the Bight Park a try. There's plenty chilled drinks, spicy food and some cool characters to meet.

It's got something for everyone and there's no better place to try some real local food, some POWERFUL cocktails, enjoy live local entertainment and pick up some hand made memories to take back home from a trip to TCI.

There's also our very own Turks Head Brewery who serve up some of the best craft beer you've ever tasted, all brewed right here in TCI. I mean you could have a Corona, but their I-AIN-GA-LIE larger is tough to beat after a day in the sun with your toes in the sand.

Here's a few of our favourite tourists who did Fish Fry right!

These Girls Digging Into Some Jerk

These two doing the famous "conch call"

This Girl Who Knows Where It's At

When The Junkanoo Crew Rock The Place

This Girl Whose Arms Are On Backwards


This girl just casually hanging out...

This Guy Who Loves A Conch Fritter

This Crew Who Went BIG

I Hope There's No Rum In There Young Man

This Threesome Enjoying The Local Vibes

The Denim Squad

This Group Getting In The Fish Fry Spirit

Even The Guy In The Back In Getting In The Mood

Decisions... Decisions (just do both)

These Ladies Partying It Up

This Girl Enjoying A Sundowner

This One Double Fisting Coconuts

These Two Joining In

I Hope You Gave That Back

This Guy With The Sweatiest Selfie On The Night

And of course... Drake

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