Digicel Is Making It Easy To Win LOADS Of Great Prizes This Month

Who doesn't want a new Samsung Smart TV?


Tis the seasons for giving right? Well thankfully Digicel are giving local residents the chance to win a different prize every week this December and entering for the draw is super easy. First off, here's whats on offer at the moment and full disclosure there's already been a winner for the first week.

Here's Romello to tell you all about it

Don't worry though, there's still plenty to go around, but with the drawings being done on Friday, you better get busy if you're going to make the cut for tomorrow.

1. Samsung Level U Headphones &JBL Speaker

To enter, all you have to do is top up $20 or more on your phone, activate a Quick Pick Bundle or pay your post paid bill in full (on time).

Now I know which one you're thinking is the easiest, and we don't blame you ;)

2. $500 Cash and an IPhone X

Now THAT's an amazing prize, I mean you can never have enough iPhones and that cash would come in pretty handy this time of year. The question is would you treat yourself to something special or use it to buy your family and friends gifts?

Remember the draw is on Dec 7th and you've got to be in it to win it.

3. A Samsung Smart TV

These TV's are amazing and once you get all your Netflix and Youtube Apps sorted, it will give your weekend binging on the couch a serious upgrade.

Just sayin...

4. A Samsung S9

Happy to take the phone, but they can keep the weather.


5. A weekend getaway for Two to Sailrock on South Caicos, with all expenses paid!

You read that right, and let's be honest we all could do with a vacation right here in TCI.

BIG SOUTH never looked so good.

Well, now that you know what can be won, better start topping up to improve your chances of taking home a prize.

Here at Lovin TCI we're pulling for you...