PICS: This Visitor From New York Has Taken Some Of The Most Amazing Shots Of TCI You'll Ever See

Serious drone skills

Turks And Caicos Drone

If you follow any of the popular insta handles from Turks & Caicos you'll no doubt get your fair share of beach shots, jet ski rides, island sunsets and of course the famed Grace Bay Beach appearing in your feed. To be fair, that's very much what makes our island home so special and if you're chasing likes and followers it's a pretty sound strategy.

We do it too, after all that's what beautiful by nature is all about.

With the cost falling and and the quality of drones on the rise, anyone with a spare few hundred bucks can pick one up and BANG, you're an aerial photographer. We'll I hate to break it to you, but not quite. It takes time, dedication and the right eye to capture the essence of a scene in a still, not to mention all the faffing around editing all the footage back at home.

Well Lovin TCI fans you're in for a treat. After stumbling across his feed earlier this week we just had to do a feature on @chrispnyc to share his handy work with you, they're absolutely stunning.

The colours are almost unreal

Not a soul in sight

Bucket list? Tick.

Can you spot Chris in this pic?

You couldn't ask for better weather for a boat day

Who wouldn't want to stay at Villa Mani?

The perfect spot to finish your book

The whole beach to yourself

Just makes you want to take a dip doesn't it


I hear Prince's TCI Estate is still taking bids

Just look at that water

Turtle Tail never looked so good

Grace Bay on a quiet day

Have you seen the Chalk Sound ship wreck?

It's not all done pics either

Big thanks to @chispnyc for sharing, great work and hope you enjoyed your trip to Turks.