Stuck For Halloween Costume Ideas? We've Got You Covered


With Halloween just around the corner and parties being arranged for the weekend you may be starting to stress about your costume with only a couple days to go. Living in Turks can sometimes make costume options a little tricky given that we're limited to what's on island while the rest of the world can order next day delivery on Amazon.

We thought you could do with a bit of inspiration ahead of the weekend, here's a few to get the creative juices flowing.

When You Just Can't Be Bothered To Make The Effort

When You Find Something Lying Around That Fits The Bill

When You Want To Own The Dance Floor

When You Want To Get Your Potcake In On The Action

When You Want To Go As Your Scary Self

Or Go The Other Way

When You Want To Coordinate With The Crew

When You Want To Cause A Scene

When You Want To Go Off Piste

When You Want To Get The Little Ones In On The Fun

Just Try To Make An Effort


If the Party With Purpose is anything to go by, it's one not to miss!

Written By

Drew Scrymgeour

Outside of writing for Lovin TCI, you'll find Drew walking his dogs, driving a Jeep and probably using his phone a little too much.