7 Historical Arrivals In The Turks & Caicos

Did You Know All Of Them?

Christopher Columbus4

Christopher Columbus

The exact landing point of Chris Columbus has been hotly debated over the years with Grand Turk being a viable contender. The well documented route and description of the island where he first made landfall make Grand Turk in 1492 a pretty close fit. Until any new evidence arises to suggest otherwise, we're sticking with TCI as the shores the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria first landed.

Princess Margaret

Princess Margaret, sister to Queen Elizabeth, was the younger daughter of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of the UK. She stopped by Grand Turk in 1960 by way of the HMS Britannia where she visited some U.S. bases that were stationed in the TCI.

John Glenn

John Glenn made a historical splash landing 1962 after returning to Earth from the Mercury space mission. If you happen to visit Grand Turk's cruise port you and learn more about the historic event and see the return capsule on display out side the airport.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth visited South Caicos in 1966, and the annual Regatta in Big South has been held in her honour ever since. Similarly to her sister Princess Margaret she travelled to the TCI aboard the HMS Britannia.

Prince Phillip

Prince Phillip, The Duke of Edinburgh also accompanied Queen Elizabeth during her 1966 visit to South Caicos. He also visited again in 1977, 1980 and again in 1993. He sure must like the place.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles visited in 1973 in Grand Turk aboard the HMS Minerva. Being a fan of cricket, we're told he played in some local cricket matches as a member of the ship’s team while on island.

Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew, the Duke Of York popped by in 2000 where he visited Clement Howell High School, Cheshire Hall Plantation site and Beaches Resort on Provo

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