The TCIFA's Grassroots Football Programme Kicks Off In February

Have you registered your child this year?

Tcifa Grassroots

Remember everyone, physical activity is an important part of our daily lives and for kids it's even more important to burn off all that energy in a productive environment.

The TCIFA's 2019 Grassroots Programme is back in February so make sure you sign up your kids soon so they don't miss out. To make things easy for you, you can now save time and sign up online HERE.

Once you've done that, head down to the TCIFA offices and make a donation of $30 (or more if you wish). All funds donated help the youth development football programmes throughout the entire Turks & Caicos Islands, so please support them is possible.

Then you can collect your child's uniform (remember how exciting that was as a kid!). They are currently awaiting the arrival of new kits which will include a jersey, shorts, and a pair of socks but we're told they will send out an email (to everyone registered) once they're in.

Last one, and this is important, be sure that your child wears the correct gear for safety purposes, i.e. shin-guards and football boots. We don't want your stars in the making getting hurt out there now do we?

Here's the latest schedule from the organisers

And if you're not familiar with the Turks & Caicos Football Association and the great work they do in the community, then take a look for yourself.

The run a "Live Your Goals" Program which is great for the kids

They travel overseas to play in international competitions

This player represented TCI all the way in Russia

Football isn't just on Provo, here's the team over in North Caicos

It's not just for boys either

And remember

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