Forget Grace Bay, It's Potcakes That Are Making The Turks And Caicos Famous

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So while most of us talk about the white sandy beaches, incredible turquoise waters and scenery that makes the Turks & Caicos "Beautiful by nature" we may have been forgetting our most popular export.


If you live on Provo, you'll no doubt be aware of Potcake Place who offer the chance to "borrow" a puppy for the day to those who'd like to enjoy the company of a little Potcake for the day. Well, it turns out that these little guys have become a viral sensation out there on the internet which certainly explains the massive lines outside the little shop in Saltmills throughout the week.

If you haven't had the chance yet to take them out for the day BEWARE! They will almost certainly steal a piece of your heart and next thing you know you'll me making plans to bring them home as a new addition to the family.

Don't believe us? Just try giving them back, there will be tears.