Rock-Hard Avocado Edible In Just 10 Minutes

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Rock Hard Avocado Edible In Just 10 Minutes

Avocados are great and all.

But let's face it: they're an absolute pain to work with.

The prima donna of the food world, they won't co-operate with your efforts unless they're DAMN WELL IN THE MOOD. And given how hard it can be to pick up avocados at their optimum stage of ripeness, this can make things very tricky indeed.

But thankfully, there is a way around this. And it's pretty simple, too...


Step 1

Stick your oven on at 200C/gas mark 6, and while it pre-heats, wrap your avocado up in tin foil.

Step 2

Stick it in on a baking sheet or tray for 10 minutes.

Step 3

Take it out, let it cool inside the tin foil (a few minutes in the fridge will do the trick), and that's it.

Step 4

Nope. There is no step four. That is, quite literally, all there is to it.

Some harder avos might take a little longer than normal – and you'll want to consume it right away, because by putting it into the oven you've ramped up the production of ethylene gas.

It's not one for the purists, and obviously there's no ripening process quite like the one favoured by Mother Nature – but if you're looking to whip up some guacamole, or just have something to spread on your toast, then this is your life.


You're welcome.

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