10 Things You Need To Know Before Visiting Turks & Caicos

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Whether you're planning a beach wedding or idyllic holiday, you're guaranteed to have a great time in Turks & Caicos.

Many of the region's tourists return year after year but if you're planning your first trip, here are some handy tips and tricks you should know.

It's always a good time to visit

The peak tourist season runs from the end of November through to March and the TCI is a hive of activity with temperatures sitting between 20C and 28C. However, you're pretty much guaranteed decent weather so come anytime!

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Hurricane season usually isn't too bad

During summer, temperatures can hit 32C but this is also hurricane season. After a busy season in 2017 (to say the least) we had a very quiet one in 2018, and fingers crossed this year will be the same.

It's not a cheap holiday

Turks & Caicos isn't the place for a bargain break but you can tailor your holiday to suit your budget. If you're on a blow-out, hit one of the gorgeous Grace Bay resorts and sample the fine-dining on the island. Trying to save money? Book into an AirBnB and try some of the casual eateries around the island.

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You have to visit Da Conch Shack

Back and better than ever after Hurricane Irma did quite a bit of damage, Da Conch Shack is a must-visit for some conch and some rum punch. One of the most fun places on the island.

Keep it casual

Turks & Caicos is all about the chill. Whether it comes to the dress code or the atmosphere, everyone just wants to be comfortable and have fun!

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There will be mosquitos

Most of your trip to the TCI will revolve around being outside and enjoying the incredible scenery so if you want to avoid being eaten alive, make sure to pack plenty of DEET or another insect repellant.

You can use US Dollars

Not only is Turks & Caicos a short hop, skip and jump from the US, you can also use US dollars here - so no worries about changing currency!

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Taxi drivers charge per person

This can tend to result in slightly pricey fares so be aware that you'll be paying an individual fare rather than one based just on distance.

Keep an eye out for Jojo

Love dolphins? Maybe you'll be lucky enough to spot him on your visit!

You will never, ever regret visiting TCI

Trust us.

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