What's the best way to see Provo? This Vespa Tour has got you covered

Vespa Beach Red

So you might have been to Provo a couple of times and feel like you know your way around by now. Or, this might be your first visit to TCI and you just want to get out there and experience what the island has to offer. Either way, the best way to see Provo is on two wheels, on one of Paradise Scooters' Vespas.

There's a certain freedom that comes with the wind on your face, the sweet smell salt air in the breeze and seeing the island up close and personal. Instagram looks great, but this is the real deal.

If you've never ridden before, don't worry they'll give you a thorough lesson before heading off onto the road. Most local drivers will spot you a mile away and steer well clear of scooters so for the nervous ones among you, fear not.

Their friendly local tour guides will show you all the best spots on Provo, giving you plenty of great photo ops along the way. You may have seen Grace Bay, but their tour explores Chalk Sound, Leeward, Long Bay, Turtle Cove, and Blue Hills which are certainly not to be missed.

They also include lunch at one of the Island's best local restaurants and a quick stop at the environmental centre, to learn a bit more about what makes the Turks & Caicos so special.

All that for $149 per person is pretty great value considering how expensive much of the activities are in comparison. If you'd prefer to have your own scooter for a couple of days and make your way around, they offer rentals too, just ask for availability as things can get booked up on short notice.

For more info, give Paradise Scooters a call on +1 649 333 3333 or email them on rosa@paradisescooters.tc or via their website here. They've been top of the Trip Advisor list for years now and there's no surprise why.

But don't take our word for it, these keen instagramers said it best...

"Nailed the twisties of Turks & Caicos"

"Scootering island style"

Back on the Vespa!

"We survived!! The island tour with Paradise Scooters"

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