How To See More Of The Islands During Your Trip To Turks & Caicos

Planning the ultimate vacation

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If you're a regular visitor to the islands you've probably already got your to-do list in mind before even deciding what to pack for your trip. Sunset drinks at Rickie's (check), Lunch at Da Lunch Shack (check), Mid-week boat trip (check, just hope we don't get too sun-burned!).

Or on the other hand, it might be your first time to the islands so you're frantically scouring Trip Advisor and reading our Lovin TCI community groups to figure out what you should do when you finally get to TCI. Well, we were recently chatting with unique tours and rentals, a local tour company in Turks & Caicos who gave us some good suggestions of things to do that we thought might be worth sharing with you.

Horse Riding Though The Water Along Blue Hills Beach

Even if you've never been on a horse, this is one to consider for you and the fam. They can accommodate riders of all levels and even for the little ones can be accompanied by an adult rider. Also, when you're knee deep in pristine turquoise water, riding a horse, as the sun sets... it's really tricky to take a selfie. That means you'll probably take it all in and enjoy the moment rather than worrying about what snapchat filter to add to your story. Remember, you're on holiday and it's good to have a little digital detox every now and again, just sayin.

With the recent time change in the islands the sun is now setting a bit earlier, at 5pm, so if you're interested in a sunset ride with your friends make sure to book early.

Snuba Off Smith's Reef

If you've never Scubaed, Snuba is a great first step and you go do it right off the beach near Smith's Reef. I mean it doesn't get much easier than that and before you know it you're making friends with the local Parrot Fish. You can also venture over to North and Middle Caicos, which in itself is worth the trip, if you want to make a day of it and explore the outer islands.

Offshore Fishing

Sure taking a boat out on the open water in search of the "big one" sounds like lovely idea, but sometimes you might want to keep you feet on the ground instead of venturing out on a boat. The shores of Blue Hills are teaming with all sorts of fish and you never know what you might catch from a quick cast off the beach. Besides, if they're not biting you can pack you and head in for a lunch on the beach so it's really a win win if you think about it.

Cycling Across The Outer Islands

Yep, we said it...cycling. Now you can always grab a cruiser from your villa or resort, but we mean a proper cycle tour of the outer islands. The roads on Middle and North Caicos are in phenomenal shape and the scenery is second to none. We would say that you should be in reasonable shape (ie have ridden a bike before) and are up for a day on the road so if that doesn't sound too daunting, might be worth giving it a go. Oh, and don't worry there are regular groups that head over by boat for the day so you wont be riding solo.

Metal Detecting Along Grace Bay

Looking for buried treasure? Well, in all honesty its unlikely that you'll find gold dabloons along Grace Bay, but you might find some lost jewellery or some other precious metals caught up on the shore line. We do ask that you notify the lost and found department for any significant finds, but as they do say... finders keepers :)

Paddle Boarding Off Shore

This has got to be on your list if you've never been out on a paddle board in Turks & Caicos. It's pretty easy and on a calm day you can really enjoy just drifting around in a sea of turquoise. Unique Tours & Rentals can even drop them off at your villa if you don't fancy venturing out or they can create a full day of fun in the sun.

Also a little known fact is that Blue Hills was actually the first settlement on Providenciales and is steeped in history, which you'll learn all about during your time with Unique Tours & Rentals.