3 Ways To Keep Your Cool In The Simmering Tempers Of Summer

Summer Heat

Island life. A cocktail of swaying palms, sun-clad reclining, outdoor living and lobster dinners. You can’t beat it. Hanging out between 25 and 35 degrees, it induces low to zero stress levels with public holidays even the French would be proud of.

It’s clear then with a lifestyle of such tropical envy, why many may wonder how such fuming wrath can descend on its inhabitants, particularly when they try to go about their practical business. Our response? Every place has something, and the TCI like most islands has one that overpowers the rest: waiting times. It’s like island tax for the tax we don’t actually have to pay.

However, where there’s a problem there’s a solution, so when you’re faced with the adversity of sunny life’s slow motion, here’s how to not, I repeat, NOT, lose your cool. Here are three clouds and their corresponding three, yet mildly sarcastic, silver linings.


1 3 Ways To Keep Your Cool In The Simmering Tempers Of Summer

SILVER LINING: Get creative with your cooking. That sautéed chilli lobster with mixed greens combo you had on the agenda tonight may not be possible however, that sad, eager looking jerk pork recipe abandoned on the fridge door is raring to go. The cave men didn’t have a choice, so why should we? *

*If all else fails, Chinson’s.


SILVER LINING: Some say patience is a virtue, which is wise and observant when you’re not in a borderline depressed waiting line with no WIFI or will left to live. Whether it’s a line at a supermarket checkout, a line at the bank waiting for one-cash-desk-while-five-other-cash-desks-chill-out, a line to hear that all too familiar phrase “come back tomorrow”, it’s all the same. So with those bubbling cauldrons of tempers about to blow, here are a few suggestions on how to bide one’s time.

A. Read a book. Recommendations:

Lisa Bevere: Be Angry But Don’t Blow It!

Herman Wouk: Don’t Stop The Carnival

B. Join the enlightened School of Learning:

Ever noticed that clock on the wall in Gourmet? The temperature gage above the entrance? The mag stands at the checkout? With all this eye candy you can in one fowl swoop: 1. Know how late you are when there’s nothing you can do about it 2. Be enlightened by how searing hot it is outside in your work outfit and 3. Have time to read those imported magazines without actually having to buy them. Some say waiting is a pain. I say prime time to reflect and learn.


SILVER LINING: When the power goes out, shut down that crazy voice in your head telling you to call up the energy peeps and ask how long they’ll be. When one power plant shuts down, one candle-lit window opens, AKA the chance to get out the playing cards, crack open the rum, and let friends delve inside your soul to open floodgates for pranks and alcohol-induced confession. Who said party by candlelight wasn’t fun? It’s important that life isn’t all about computers, television and non-fatal refrigerated shellfish.

When the sun has set, the day has diminished and ends of all tethers are successfully met, there are two ports of call that when all else fails, saves you from the depths of despair.

1. Woosah

2. Chinson’s*

Chinson’s Grill Shack. Always, I repeat, ALWAYS when in doubt, Chinson’s.