The Little Girl Who Gave Zero Fucks

A fairy tale of everyday bravery and beautifully illustrated feminist handbook for the modern day

Zero Fucks Long

This is the story of a brave young girl, Elodie-Rose, who one day decides to change the world and keep all her fucks in her basket.

Waaaaaaait a minute. You’re confused. What are fucks, you ask? It’s quite simple, really. Fucks are her self-esteem; all her happy, sad and wonderful thoughts that sit in her basket. That sit in every girl’s basket! And every girl must give these fucks away every time someone asks.

One day Elodie-Rose decides to break rank and find out what happens if those fucks stay where they are…

“Hello to you, hello from me!  We’ve just one life, not two or three…  have you ever wondered what would be if you took your fucks and set them free?

Would your head explode? Nose disappear?  Would weeds start growing behind your ears?  I wonder what everybody would say  if you showed how brave you are, one day.

If you grew so tall, everybody saw that you are destined for much, much more.  When your heart is heavy and your story sucks be the little girl who gave zero fucks.”

The Little Girl Who Gave Zero Fucks will be a lovingly produced, full colour hardback book of 60 pages with colour printed endpapers and bookmark ribbon. It's a sing-songy love song to life, illustrated in the style of a ‘dystopian Millie Molly Mandy’ and made to be remembered. The Little Girl Who Gave Zero Fucks should sit on your bedside table and be read every morning and every night and in the middle of the day, too. We're living in very strange times, and this book provides a welcome antidote to all the hate and resistance to positive change.

Writing Through

10% of the author's proceeds from the book will be donated to the charity Writing Through: an organisation that helps to build confidence in children and women through teaching of creative writing. Based in Cambodia and Singapore, Writing Through runs workshops and training courses in poetry, short story writing and presentation skills to boost self-esteem in those individuals who need to work hard to get their voice heard

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Written By

Drew Scrymgeour

Outside of writing for Lovin TCI, you'll find Drew walking his dogs, driving a Jeep and probably using his phone a little too much.