To pee or not to pee

no public bathrooms?

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Fortunately for the local dog population this is a non-issue, for us humans however, finding a bathroom can be quite the dilemma. In the beautiful TCI there are next to no public bathrooms. There are however loads of friendly business owners that do not mind you using their facility. These are the best places to go when you just need to go.

Graceway IGA

This big grocery store has everything you need and their bathroom is also quite accommodating. They are above standard as they provide cans of lisol and hooks on the stalls to hang belongings.

Do-It Centre

You can do it at the Do-It! It can be a bit tricky finding the facility here. Walk in, go to the left, at the wall turn right, go straight past the kitchen gadgets and take a left through the “rug” section. You’re welcome.

Las Brisas in Chalk Sound

This little villa community has a loo with a view. The restaurant overlooks the most breathtaking lagoon. On your way out grab a sangria, they are delicious there!

Sharkbite in Turtle Cove

The bathroom is directly to the left as soon as you walk in. This is perfect if you are feeling shy or any type of weird. Also, favorable conditions for those who want to feel sneaky.

Graceway Gourmet

In the heart of Grace Bay there lies the utopia of bathrooms. Accommodating with lisol like their big brother IGA, these bathrooms sometimes offer entertainment. The first stall of the ladies room has a magical lock. Sometimes after it’s been secured it will refuse to unlock and you could spend hours even days trapped in a stall with a lonesome bottle of lisol and three half used toilet paper rolls.

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