New Footage Appears To Show McGregor Throwing First Punch At Member Of Team Khabib Before He Got Attacked

Khabib had already jumped out of the Octogon

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New footage has emerged that appears to show Conor McGregor throwing the first punch at one of Khabib Nurmagomedov's team at UFC 229.

In the footage you can see that Khabib scales the cage and tries to attack Dillon Danis, the pair are pulled apart and fighting breaks out.

Conor also tries to exit the Octagon and it is here that the Irishman appears to throw a punch.

The man swings back before Conor gets down from the edge of the cage. Conor then has to defend himself from multiple shots with at least one coming from behind

UFC President Dana White revealed that three of Khabib's team were arrested.

Speaking at the press conference after the fight, White said, "I saw one of Conor's guys yelling at Khabib, Khabib ran and jumped over the octagon, went after him.

"Two of Khabib's guys got into the octagon, one guy hit Conor with some shots, from behind, and that's it.

"The Nevada State Athletic Commission pulled the footage from us, there's an investigation going on. They are withholding Khabib's purse, they are not withholding Conor's.

"The way that works is Conor is one of the guys who was attacked. Conor refused to press charges. There were three guys from Khabib's team arrested, and they were released because Conor didn't want to press charges."