The Turks & Caicos Government Release Their "Vision 2040" For Public Consultation

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Turks & Caicos Government Press Release

The Turks and Caicos Islands Government has approved for public consultation, Vision 2040.

The vision document articulates the aspirations of the Turks and Caicos Islands for the next 20 years toward the attainment of a high quality of life to be enjoyed by citizens, residents and future generations.

It focuses on five (5) sustainable development dimensions which are the overarching goals for the country:

1) high national income and wealth;
2) a socially cohesive society;
3) a healthy natural environmental, heritage and cultural assets;
4) citizen security and justice; and
5) good governance.

These goals will be realised through a series of commitments and ongoing achievements that include (but are not limited to):

• further growth and diversification of the tourism industry;
• diversification of the economy into sectors other than tourism that may become increasingly viable as tourism flourishes and the economy expands;
• ensuring adequate access to development finance;
• incentivizing micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs);
• attracting appropriate levels of foreign investment;
• productivity improvements;
• adequate infrastructure development;
• skills enhancement and capacity development;
• ensuring access to decent work;
• maintaining an acceptable standard of healthcare and access to healthcare;
• ensuring sufficient access to decent housing and wholesome neighbourhoods;
• ensuring satisfactory social safety nets and protection from poverty and deprivation and social exclusion; • ensuring good ecosystems, and proper management of marine and aquatic resources;
• good management of heritage and cultural assets;
• adequate rural and urban planning, inclusive of proper waste management and pollution control;
• improving the national security environment through effective policing, border management, surveillance of the territorial waters and effective administration of justice; and
• good technical and political governance.

Vision 2040 can only be realised through collaborative partnerships between government, business and civil society. Therefore, feedback is important. The full document can be viewed here: The general public is advised that comments can be emailed to address:

In addition, there will be two (2) major Town Hall meetings to present Vision 2040: in Grand Turk and Providenciales. They are scheduled for Tuesday, 5th February 2019 and Thursday, 7th February 2019 respectively.

Electronic consultation closes on Friday, 15th February 2019.