'We Must Never Let Our Guard Down' - Minister Issues Warning After Hurricane Irma

He released a statement to mark the first anniversary

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The Minister for Home Affairs, Telecommunications and Transport has warned that the people of TCI "must never let our guard down" following Hurricane Irma.

In a statement to commemorate the first anniversary of the hurricane, Minister Hon. Vaden Delroy Williams said that the "unforgettable memories" of the damage caused were "still deep in our minds".

"Our country rebounded and recovered at a rate that made us the envy of the Caribbean. We, in the Turks and Caicos can take pride in knowing that through it all, we demonstrated that we have the capacity and ability to withstand whatever challenges come our way.

"Be that as it may, we must never let our guard down. None of us is more powerful than Mother Nature. Indeed, she must be respected and taken for granted, and we must learn from the very instructive lessons she continues to teach us."

He also advised that official shelter assessments had been concluded and some islands had more shelter capacity than required for the population.

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