OPINION: It's Time To Take Our Country Back


The inability of the present PDM administration to impress on the UK government its need to shoulder its responsibility of providing national security inclusive of protecting our borders, and our locally elected government's outright refusal to utilize its powers to effectively deal with this illegal Haitian problem, is causing too much unnecessary problems and hardship in our islands. Trump is being suspected of collusion with Putin, is there some collusion involved in this TCI illegal Haitian scheme that is flourishing to the point that it is now on the doorstep of the Nation's Capital now that over 200 Haitian illegals have landed in Salt Cay within the past 24 hours?

It is obvious that the exodus of thousands and thousands of Haitian nationals to exploit other people's economies, is of tremendous benefit to the Haitian government and people at home. In spite of the flourishing illegal Haitian invasion of the Turks and Caicos, the Haitian government's feet have not been held to the fire by the TCI government. Trade is still free and flourishing between TCI and Haiti, their goods are still being allowed into the islands, the money transfer operations are still being allowed to operate, visas are still being issued, work permits are forthcoming, illegals are still being allowed free education, scholarships and free healthcare, PRC'S and other statuses are still available, illegal occupation of crown land and the unchecked illegal construction of buildings by these persons are still being allowed, while Turks and Caicos Islanders are not permitted to do same by planning, jitney services are being allowed and the list goes on. If this government or any government thinks that the illegal Haitian problem can be effectively dealt with without dealing with the overall immigration problem, they are deceiving themselves.

It is obvious that the apathetic attitude toward dealing with these problems facing us in our country, is a facilitator to the constant disempowering, disenfranchisement and the impoverishment of our people. There is a constant and seemingly calculated and acceptable political approach that is steadily pushing us back to becoming a third world country. My Turks and Caicos people and all genuinely concerned residents, we need to take a serious intrinsic look, and face reality in the face and acknowledge that the two party system has failed and failed drastically. Let us unite and provide an alternative entity of well thinking, committed persons who are not compromised, not entangled with the special interest group, and have the best interest of our people and country at heart. Enough is enough and too much is too much! It's time for us to take our country back!

By Oswald Skippings