Hurricane Season 2018: Keep An Eye On These Storms

Tropical Storms Florence and Gordon have formed in the Atlantic


Just a few days shy of a year since Hurricane Irma blew through the Turks & Caicos, two tropical disturbances have formed in the Atlantic: Tropical Storms Florence and Gordon. Although TCI is not in the direct path of Florence, and Gordon is heading toward the Gulf of Mexico, both are still worth watching. We know all too well now that the strength and expected paths of storms can change in a matter of hours. And even without a direct hit, we can feel the effects from a storm hundreds of miles away.

As of Monday morning, Tropical Storm Florence is about 895 miles west of the southernmost Cabo Verde Islands, moving west-northwestward at 16 mph, according to TCI's Department of Disaster Management and Emergencies (DDME). Maximum sustained winds are at 60 mph. Fortunately, with its projected path, Florence currently poses no threat to TCI. But, as always, residents are encouraged to monitor the storm's path.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Gordon is 182 miles west-southwest of Nassau, moving west-northwest at 16 mph. The good news is it's moving away from TCI, with its projected path taking it over the Florida Keys and South Florida before reaching the Gulf Coast on Tuesday.

No need to sound the alarm, but it's important we remain vigilant in the height of hurricane season. Pay attention to weather updates, TCI!