The First Rule Of Night Club...

There is no Night Club.

Alex Holyoake 202959

We do have Club Med though...

Turks and Caicos is known for its beauty, laid back environment, serenity….not so much its nightlife. There are some local clubs and bars like Danny Bouy’s and Sandbar, but there is no real “club” to go to dance and/or make poor decisions.

Providenciales does have a Club Med and they usually have some sort of party happening. They are an all-inclusive resort and they offer visitor and local deals. All deals are under the $100 mark which is a great price for dinner and drinks in these islands.

At Club Med they have a dance hall, pool tables, they perform shows and they are located right in Grace Bay. They also have trapeze…which is kind of fantastic. Most of the staff are fresh, young and happy to serve which also makes it a nice place to hang out.

The only downfall about chillin at Club Med is that is a little dated. Pretty sure they haven’t renovated since they opened in the 80’s. Perhaps it’s the mentality of “hey if something works no need to fix it”. Either way, it is something fun and for some, it may be neat to step back in time on a Paradise island in the middle of nowhere.