The Top 5 Seafood Dishes You'll Find At Fresh Catch In 2019

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What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of classic local food? It's got to be fish, well maybe conch, or lobster? Ok let's just say seafood to keep things simple. Either way, when it's on the menu, the fresher the better. Luckily for us, we're fortunate enough to live on an island where there's loads of choice right from our back yard.

Everyone will have their own personal favourite spot for conch fritters, fish sandwiches or grilled lobster, but if you're in Grace Bay and in the mood for some local seafood, Fresh Catch is certainly work a try.

I mean they even put on an ALL YOU CAN EAT LOBSTER BUFFET on Wednesday's for $40 a person which is just amazing. In no particular order, here's our top 5 to try that will be on their menu this month.

1. Lobster

Yea, there's no missing this one, and while it's in season we can't get enough of this tasty ocean dweller. Here in the Caribbean we have spiny lobster that don't have claws, but if you ask us they aren't missing anything.

2. Snapper

Probably one of the most common local fish to find on the menu here in TCI and certainly one of they tastiest.

3. Grouper

Where there's Snapper, there's always Grouper! It's a slightly meatier fish as they tend to be bigger, but tbh either one is fine with us.

4. Conch

If it's your first time in Turks & Caicos you've got to give conch a try. You can try it cracked, curried, scorched, in fritters, chowder or our personal favourite in a "salad" (below). Think a ceviche, but with an island twist.

5. Shrimp

They even put their own twist on this island favourite by adding Bambarra Rum to the mix.

There's loads of other dishes on the menu from peas soup to ribs so if you're not a fan of seafood don't worry. Here's a look at some other local favourites...

Quinoa for you veggies out there

Peas Soup is a local classic

Mmmmmm Ribs.

And of course Jerk Chicken

We've also been told by their head chef that if you've had a successful day at sea fishing and managed to catch your own, they are happy to prepare your fish however you like.