Lovin's Top 5 Provo Sights To See Off The Beaten Track

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For most visiting the Turks & Caicos there are usually a handful of "must see" spots around the islands that are easily ticked off during a week's stay. Grace Bay Beach (check), Da Conch Shack (check), Sunrise on Long Bay (half check, since you hit snooze one too many times).

For the slightly more adventurous of you out there, there are boat tours to book, ferry's to catch and maybe even Parasails to ride while you are making the most of your time in the sun.

There are however a few other, lesser known sights to see if you wander off the beaten track. And when we say wander, we mean drive as it takes a while to walk and you'll probably want to bring some supplies along which can get heavy in a hurry.

Here's our Top 5 places to see if you're up for an afternoon outside your resort doing a little exploring. That's right Beaches guests, we're looking at you.


It really does what it says on the tin. It won't take long to see it, so a good idea to make it a stop on the way to the beach. It's one of Long Bay's oldest landmarks that is useful when giving local directions. 

Q - "Where you headed?"

A - "Just past The Hole, first yellow house on the right" 

Obligatory pose by the sign

How deep is it? You'll have to see for yourself.

2. Pelican Beach

For fans of Grace Bay who'd like a little more privacy than what's on offer in front of the resorts, this is the beach for you. It's idea to bring a cooler and just waste the day away. Just remember the sunblock as there's not much shade out there to hide under. 

What's on your to-do list today? THIS.

That #1 spot is well deserved

3. Bob's Bar

Tucked away in Turtle Tail is a truly local bar with a casual vibe and an incredible view.  The beers are cold, the crowd is fun and there's a BBQ if you fancy grilling some lunch. What more could you ask for really.

Image credit @2Gringos

Don't miss the turn

Bobs Bar Turks & Caicos 1

With a view that's tough to beat

Bobs Bar Turks & Caicos 2

4. Boogaloo's

This is more of an institution than a restaurant which is named after the man himself "Boogaloo" who's been serving residents and visitors alike for over 20 years. The food is matched by the spectacular scenery and you can watch them prepare your food with your feet in the water.

No Wifi needed

Yep, that's your lunch on the way in

5. Taylor Bay Beach

You've seen one beach in Turks & Caicos, you'e seen them all. WRONG. Each has their own charm and this secluded stretch of sand has it in droves. The water is shallow and calm which is great for youngeters and is one of the best spots on island to watch the sun go down. Do yourself a favour and just go.

Island sandbox

Well worth the drive

Load up the car with supplies and get out there already.

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