If Panoramic Ocean Views And Multilevel Pools Are Your Thing, This Might Be The Villa For You

On one of the highest point on Provo

Gwyt N R Mor 2

What do you call a six-bedroom island retreat set on two acres, with an expansive outdoor patio (5,000 sq. feet, to be exact), Spanish cedar doors and Egyptian limestone tiles, all set upon a hilltop that overlooks the ocean?

Gwynt A Mor. Or, if you don't speak Welsh, Wind and Sea. And its name couldn't be more appropriate. Located on Blue Mountain (it may not be an actual mountain, but it is one of the highest points on Provo), a cooling sea breeze is always blowing. And when you're 150 feet above sea level, the sweeping views of the ocean are unmatched.

You can wake up to this every morning

Gwyt N R Mor 8

Now that's a room with a view

Gwyt N R Mor 4

Dining room or peaceful sanctuary?

Gwyt N R Mor 7


Endless views

Gwyt N R Mor 1

And did we mention the tennis court?

Gwyt N R Mor 10

Looking for privacy? You've got it

Gwyt N R Mor 14

Yes, Gwynt A Mor looks good from every angle. Want to see more? Watch this video to see even more of the estate and its incredible views. Wait until 1:10 to see the full view from the villa — it might just be what seals the deal for you.

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