Alright IGA, We Love You, But We Need To Have A Word About Your Fruit And Veg

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Not all of you reading this will remember the early days of island life here in Turks & Caicos, but let me tell you they weren't as glamorous as you might think. I'm talking about when Leeward Highway was just a two lane dirt road, the video shop was booming, Dora's was the ONLY place to go on a Friday night and we had to rely on Island Pride to bring in all our food. Sure there was Quality, but IP was the big boy on the block.

The boat came in once a week (if we were lucky) which meant if you wanted the good stuff, you'd better be there early to make sure you didn't miss out. It was a simpler time, without Whatsapp, Netflix or cell phones for that matter and most of us used a CB radio to chat to our friends when we couldn't find them on the road.

Well, the times sure are a changing and now we're spoilt for choice thanks very much in part to IGA who opened up their big supermarket on Leeward Highway which was a real game changer for residents and visitors alike. Sure we complain about the prices, but before they came along we couldn't even get a nice bit of cheese, so well.. then there's that.

Most of the time we wander in, grab what we need and head out with a bill $100+ which if you live here is very much a part of island life so we just get on with it and make do with what we can. It's an island after all, you don't see salmon swimming along Grace Bay so if you want it for dinner it'll cost you.

But today after a quick lap through the grocery section during their regular shop a concerned resident shared a few pictures which show the current state of IGA's stock and suffice to say, it's not looking too appetising.

Take a look for yourself...

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Not great huh?

Now, like I said... we live on an island it has been pretty hot as of late so will give them some leeway on that but it really doesn't look good to have moldy food out there for sale to the general public.

If you dig around a bit I'm sure you can find some decent food, fit for consumption but hope it can cleaned up soon before a few unsuspecting shoppers get home to find their breakfast fruit has gone off. Then again there's always Smart and Gourmet which may have a better selection.

IGA, we appreciate all that you do to keep us going week to week (especially since the Hurricanes) but now that the power is back on we hope things will get better in the produce isle.