Would You Rescue an Eastern Tarantula?

A tarantula needs saving. Do you rescue or walk?

Massive Spider

A woman in North Queensland, Australia, has saved a huge spider from drowning in floodwaters and people all over the world are freaking out.

BuzzFeed reports that Andrea Gofton uploaded footage to her Facebook page, where the ginormous 8 legged friend is clinging to thin branches above rising water.  So far the video has been viewed over 35,000 times.

Acrophobia's: look away now. 

Gofton, who was outside a supermarket in Halifax when she spotted the spider struggling due to the water it was flooding in, wrote on her Facebook page that a branch was used to take it to a nearby dry patch.

BuzzFeed continues to report that many locals to the area identified the spider as an Eastern Tarantula — otherwise known as the "bird-eating" or "whistling" spider. It is apparently native to North Queensland. 

Whilst they say that these are not usually fatal to humans, they can inflict a nasty bite on dogs and cats.

The question is: would you save a 40cm spider from drowning? Or would you walk away?