OH No!!!! Our Beloved JoJo Has Reportedly Been Injured By A Boat

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In a recent statement from DECR they reported that:

The DECR received a report that our beloved Jojo (the Dolphin) had been injured. Upon further inspection it seems that he may have swam too close to a boat. The wound, although unpleasant, will heal. However we request that tour operators, local and resident boat operators please give Jojo the space required to heal. We also ask that one be mindful off all marine life before turning your vessels on. Please share this post.

These images have been circulation within Speak Your Mind TCI

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Jojo has been one of the TCI's most famous residents since the early 80s when he began visiting residents and tourists alike. If anyone has any recent photos or videos of Jojo we'd love to see how he's getting on, but please remember to give him some space and be mindful not to bother him while he's recuperating.

We are praying for your Jojo, get well soon!

Image credit @wake2wake

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