Flames Seen Blazing In Blue Hills On Provo Into The Night

While many details are still unknown, Blue Hills residents recently reported that that:

The flames are very high over here in Blue hills coming from the Land Fill. Ver very Scary. 911 called numerous times.

The fire was reported to be linked to The Dump, which has been burning for quite some time now throwing smoke and debris high in the air. The fire department arrived just before 11PM last night to tackle the blaze which was captured below by some local residents.

Whats App Image 2018 05 10 At 22 32 13
Whats App Image 2018 05 10 At 22 06 18
Whats App Image 2018 05 10 At 22 05 53

If you have any more information regarding the fire, please get in touch with @LovinTCI

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Drew Scrymgeour

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