The End Of An Era, Saying Farewell To Jimmy's Dive Bar

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We couldn't believe it either, but it turns out that Jimmy's Dive Bar is closing and they're throwing a party tonight to mark the occasion.

For those of you who remember, year's back Jimmy's Dive Bar took over what was once Barefoot Cafe in Ports of Call to create a laid back sports bar that quickly became an island institution.

Known for their signature to-go cups, iconic decor and late nights where you'd always run into a friend or two enjoying a cold one at the bar.

With plenty of fans both on island and abroad, The Dive Bar will no doubt be sadly missed, but we here at Lovin TCI want to wish the Jimmy's team the best going forward.

If you're in the neighbourhood, swing by to give them a proper send off and here's a few reminders of what made The Dive Bar so iconic.

If these walls could talk, they'd probably ask for a cigarette

Check your cupboards because their signature cups will no doubt be collector's items

This dartboard had the worst darts you've ever played with. Fact

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It was never hard to spot the tourists

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Where are we gong to go for our volcano fix now?

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With these sort of signs, you knew you were at Jimmy's

They really knew how to set the tone

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And the beers were always cold

Their menu was packed with loads of local favourites

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And they had the most badass Bloody Mary you've ever seen

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Did you get the chance to make your mark?

The trouble with trouble is that it starts out as fun

It was a favourite spot for Spring Breakers looking to get a little wild

Remember how the vending machine never gave you change, always fun.

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There was always a familiar face behind the bar

And wise words when you least expected them

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So much love for Jimmy's

Thanks for the memories!

Written By

Drew Scrymgeour