Grace Bay Is Feeling A Massive Storm Surge This Week

Much of the coastline has been under water

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Grace Bay Beach is feeling the affects of one of the biggest swells in recent years thanks to low pressure system currently hitting North America.

A high surf warning is expected to be issued by the Met Office for Antigua and the rest of the northeast Caribbean. Other Offices are expected to issue warnings for as far west as the Bahamas and extending south to the Windward islands. Swells could exceed 5 m (17 ft) across the Bahamas.

The impact on shorelines will not be the same everywhere. Depending on the depth and the natural shelter of the coastal waters the impact will be different. Shallow north-facing shorelines are expected to see the highest swells and surfs.

Here's a view of the shoreline just in front of Somewhere on the beach and the damage it has caused to one of the island's beloved beach front restaurants.

And this was taken at the mouth of Turtle Cove, leading into the Marina. The waves were washing well over the sea wall and pummelling the normally peaceful coastline

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