Get Ready Turks & Caicos, Google Might Be Calling You Soon

The robots are taking over!

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That's right, it's official the robots are taking over and Google now can call you on the phone and you might not even know it's not from a real person.

In a recent conference by Techcrunch they unveiled the new Alexa function which gives your Google Assistant the ability to call businesses to and make a reservation on your behalf. 

This could be huge for local businesses who rely on phone calls to make bookings and depending on how well your company is set up to run on Google, you could be top of the list when Alexa is looking for the best places to eat on island.

If you're a hotel, restaurant, charter company or even a hairdresser this might be a real game changer in the near future when we see voice search start to overtake tradition "google search" from customers overseas.

If you'd like to know more about how to future proof your business and prepare for the the changes in search behaviour, give THRIVE a call to discuss. For now it wont be a robot answering the phone!