Forget TCI Buyers And Sellers, This Popular Toy Could Be Worth $100k

Time to raid your childhood bedrooms?

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Turns out hoarding all of our favourite childhood toys might not have been a waste of time after all...

If you're in possession of some original Polly Pocket dolls, then you could be sitting on a gold mine, Cosmopolitan reports.

The 90's dolls are going for large amounts of cash on eBay, with some fetching up to $100,000 ...*quickly checks all boxes in the closet* There are also bids on sets for $672, $645 and $599.

The toys became popular in the eighties and nineties, with several kits available - including the hugely popular Cinderella castle set - and now, they're making a return. A cash return, that is.

So, if you have some of the original Bluebird sets lying around somewhere in the house, we suggest you have a rummage and get the duster out.

You can read the original article here.

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